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Here's some updates 6/24/08:

Builddays started again, at the new stie.

Girbbly list for the WGMM

June 7th, 2008:
 Buildday Email Recaps
 LarryJ's Buildday/Home Work Mechaby wall
  Vulture, BushWhacker, and Recovery Vehicle

April 19th, 2008:
 Sugar steals a nap (she likes boxes of any kind)

April 12th, 2008:
 Techmage Club Page
    1/32 Thunderbolt with engine wired up
    "Space Battles" - space Marine/mech figures
    1/32 Arado 234 resin kit from MDC
    Completed 1/48 G3M "Nell" vacu-from kit from Koster Aero
    Rag-Tag Fleet with TOS BSG Casting
    1/72 VF-11 (Macross)
    1/2500 Jenolian-style transport (Star Trek:TNG)
    TIE/gg egg "plane" with proper scribed panel lines for JPG Productions
    Retrokit Martian Tripod vignette (multimedia kit)
    1/35 new Cylon Centurion figure
    1/6 Tree Girl (based on an anime figure)
    Independency Day Alien cruiser bash
    New gribbly making tool a nibbler
    1/72 UH-34D Helicopter
    UH-60 helicopter with Israeli markings
    1/35 M113A3 in Iraq war service
    Space 1999 Eagles
    Star Trek Centaur (seen breifely on Deep Space 9)
    BattleStar Galactica scratchbuild starts
    1:1 scale Baby outfit
    1/32 Trumpeter Bearcat
    28mm Ork Jeep (Warhammer 40K)
    28mm Ork War Truck with ball on chain, still on spru (Warhammer 40K)
    1/48 Tamiya VW Beetles
    1/48 Jeeps
    Hasegawa 1/48 Shinden
    Hasegawa 1/48 P-47 in 4th FG markings
    Accurate Miniatures P-51A
    Tamiya German halftrack
    And Plenty of Ambience

April 8th, 2008:
 Cat Log, Sugar N Spice Hide out in the basement together

March 8th, 2008:
 Techmage Club Page Coming Soon (Pics up)
    Starship Modeler Rocker Bot
    TimeSlipe Creations' TOS BattleStar Galactica Master
    TOS Colonial Mover (in scale with the BSG)
    Cyclon Raider head with lighting kit installed
    144th scale F-302
    Megablok Gribbly
    Restored Mattel Vacuformer
    Antique air brushes
    Post Apocalyptic Road Rally Entry (Tank girl)
    Vacuform of Re-mastered Apollo Command Module
    Ghost in the Shell Figure
    Ares veriant, Battleship Bar
    1:2500th TOS Star Trek Cargo Drone
    1/48 Tamiya VW Beetle
    1/35 Tank 1
    1/35 Tank 2
    1/35 Tank 3
    1/48 Plane
    1/48 Jeep

March 3th, 2008:
 Battleship Bar, Ares variant

February 9th, 2008:
 Archived Techmage Club Page
    Shiny, shiny UFO (Lindbergh) complete with little bug-eyed alien
    Finished 1968 Toronado convertible car from the first season of Mannix
    1/35 scale M3 Lee (Tamiya)
    1/4200 scale Battlestar Pegasus
    Hasegawa 1/48 Ki-45 "Nick"
    1/48 G3M-2 "Nell" Vacu-form
    1/48 XP-47H vacu-from conversion
    Completed 1/72 Autoblinda
    1/35 Panther tank
    1/144 scale AV-8 Harrier
    An interesting, boxy plastic container
    1/144 F4F Martlet
    1/144 Su-25
    1/144 A-6 Intruder
    1/144 A-10
    1/144 Me109
    1/144 A6m2 Model 21
    Completed 1/144 P-51B
    Gumball machine Mech minis
    Fiberglass scrub brushes
    Bar's 1/2500 Ares-class ship [Stargate universe]
    Ring transport/StarGate Casts from Soup cup lids
    Completed 1/48 Viper Mk 7
    1/72 Raptor (Black Sun)
    28mm Baneblade mega-tank (Warhammer 40K)
    "wet lab" 1/96 Skylab concept
    In Progress conversion of an Apollo spacecraft
    In Progress 1/1000 P.L. Enterprise conversion to 3 foot pilot filming model
    In progress accurizing of the AMT Galilleo shuttlecraft

February 6th, 2008:
 Sonw Day!

January 12th, 2008:
 Archived Techmage Club Page
    Landscaping demo from Steve Maddog
    Black Sun's 1/72 Raptor
    1/144 Space Shuttle
    Polar Lights Seaview "converted" into a prototype SSBN
    Company X 1/48 scale NX-class Shuttle
    1/72 Black Sun Viper Mk 2
    1/1000 "Medina" class from the PL Enterprise kit
    Tamiya 1/48 Me109E3
    1/72 yak-9
    1/6(ish) Bruce Lee figure
    1/1000 In progress Space Battleship Yamato
    1/35 Trumpeter E-25 "Panzer '46" tank
    1/35 Hobby Boss armored tow tractor
    Completed Fine Modls Y-wing>
    SUP>1/288 conceptual space shuttle with glider main booster tank
    1/32 scale Hasegawa P-47D
    1/24-ish Snow Speeder diorama
    1/35 "Cyclops Team" jeep
    Hacked and cracked Fine Molds Millennium Falcon
    Fast Attack ship hull
    TiE-egg Wings (sans the eggs)
    Open boxes in vacuum-cast purple resin
    "Stone Trek" DVD
    Koster's vacuformed 1/48 G3M-2 "Nell"

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